Working methods applicable to mixed media work


My working procedures generally begin with the construction of simple elements that require the exercise of rudimentary carpentry skills, the results and possibilities of which, through an interplay of the opposite poles of competence and plan, error and accident, dictate much of the eventual outcome and look of the work.


My preferred materials are plywood, plaster, filler, wax, glue, newsprint in a variety of forms, graphite, marble dust, and traces of pigment, combinations of which define the colour and tonal range and provide the technical means to make successive layers through which the qualities of surface emerge. The processes of rubbing and abrading, scraping and scribing, filling and polishing, eventually result in a patina as of objects marked by chance and the usages of time.


The pieces are the issue of much reappraisal: dismemberment playing as positive a role in their formation as construction. The end result, which bears little or no resemblance to the original 'idea', arises with its own inevitability from the debris of the studio floor where I scavenge like a beachcomber in the flotsam and jetsam of my own making.